Why did I write the book, “SMART Ways for Learning SPANISH”?

“The idea for writing “SMART Ways for Learning SPANISH” came to me years ago, while I was teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language to groups of adults in the UK. The students were highly motivated and participated well in the class activities in spite of having little previous experience of learning foreign languages at school, but they were rather lost as to how to study the language by themselves outside the class. From time to time, some of them would ask me for tips for further improving their Spanish pronunciation or grammar when studying at home. I noticed they were receptive and very appreciative of any suggestions I gave on smart strategies.

21743073_286788905062931_7857029428397865487_nAs time went by, I realized that, just like me, most students I was teaching had no training in effective strategies for learning foreign languages by themselves. For example, even intermediate level students often learned new words and phrases only by repeating them out loud or by writing them out several times. Very few of them regularly used strategies proven to be more effective for long-term retention of vocabulary, such as multisensory associations, flashcards, or mind maps. I also found many beginners unaware of simple techniques that could be used from day one to develop good Spanish speaking and listening skills.

So, little by little, after becoming convinced that writing a book on simple and effective how-to-learn strategies could help many students, I started researching the topic and including more discussions on smart strategies in my Spanish lessons. The overall results have been, and remain, ver21728508_286789078396247_4468227549595807365_ny positive. I find that students who regularly apply the smart strategies I discuss in this book speed up their learning, improve their exam results, become more self-confident, and, most importantly, experience more enjoyment as they learn. And the good news is that it is simple to put the strategies into practice.” ~ Excerpt from the book ~

The book is for students of Spanish up to intermediate level, and for teachers who would like to coach and train students in smart learning principles and strategies. Readers are introduced to core principles and key strategies for language learning through inspirational stories, ideas and simple steps.

Kindle and paperback versions are available in AMAZON online stores:



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